• Williamstown’s premier commercial business law firm

Williamstown Lawyers also trading as Williamstown Business Lawyers (r) and Willaw™ is an accredited specialist Victorian Law firm practising in Williamstown, Victoria Australia 3016, through sole principal Tim Walsh.

After many years of challenging and rewarding legal experience, further education and qualification and a huge amount of dedication, the ability and maturity of the principal in conjunction with depth of knowledge of commercial law in most of its aspects, as well as a very broad practice base, qualify Williamstown Lawyers to deliver personalised, intelligent and imaginative solutions for small and medium businesses and private clients.

The uncompromising philosophy of Willaw is to always to work closely with our client and, in a complementary way with other client advisors including accountants; to strive to see things from our client’s perspective; to spend our own time and become emotionally involved; to add value; and to always seek to advance our client’s interests and to guide our client forward; to never give up. Contact us today …to find out how we can help you with your business and general legal matters.

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